Tube Bending: Three Important Considerations for Selecting the Ideal Pipe Products

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Bent metal pipes and tubes are necessary for numerous functional and aesthetic applications, particularly in construction and fluid conveyance. If your commercial or industrial operation requires these types of custom products, there are multiple factors that you must evaluate before commissioning the fabrication process. One of these critical elements is the choice of pipe or tube. There are certain aspects which you must think about such as your application and tube size requirements.

17 April 2017

The Various Reasons Why Many Growers Are Using Plastic Sheeting as Covering for Their Greenhouses

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With plastic technology drastically advancing over the years, the use of plastic products has become more widespread. One area that has benefited from this trend is the agricultural sector whereby a significant number of growers have embraced the use of plastic sheeting as coverings for greenhouses. If you are pondering over using plastic sheeting as covering for your greenhouse, you should first know about the benefits associated with this kind of greenhouse covering.

3 April 2017

Five Soccer Net Substitutions for Fun Games and Practising at Home

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Playing soccer is a lot of fun, but to keep score, you need a net. Buying a soccer net is the best option, and you can buy everything from large permanent nets to temporary mobile nets to small nets for little kids. However, if that's not in the budget, there are a few alternatives, you can track. Whether you're practising at home or playing a game of footy at the park, consider these soccer net substitutions.

29 March 2017

Key Maintenance Tips for PVC Doors

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As PVC doors are generally low-maintenance doors, there's a big misconception that they do not require any maintenance attention at all. With a little tender loving and care, you can get the best service from your PVC doors. Here is a look at some simple but effective things you can do to keep your PVC doors looking good and in good working shape for their entire lifespan. Proper operation  Like any other doors, PVC doors need to be properly operated at all times in order to extend their lifespan.

27 March 2017

Sheet Metal: Reasons to Consider It for Your Manufacturing Needs

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Sheet metal fabrication refers to the process of shaping metals to create desired items. This process can be carried out by either the deformation of metal or removal of parts of the metal and can make use of different thicknesses of materials. If your business is involved in the manufacture or production of items, you may want to consider sheet metal fabrication rather than using materials such as plastic or timber.

27 March 2017

What to Avoid When Creating Unboxing-Worthy Packaging for Your E-Commerce Business

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In the age of social media, creating an online buzz about your e-commerce business is everything. Unboxing videos have surged in popularity over the last few years, and they're a win-win for buyer and seller alike. Customers get to show off their purchases and grow their base of followers, and businesses benefit from the free promotion these videos bring. Of course, in order to encourage this effective word-of-mouth marketing, you have to make your product worthy of unboxing.

15 December 2016

4 Creative Ways to Add Metal to Your Home's Décor

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If you want to break up the look of heavy wood around the home or add a modern touch to the home's interior, you can do this with metal. Not only will this update your home's look and create a unique style, but metal also reflects light so that small and dark spaces seem bigger and brighter overall. Note a few ways you can add metal to your home's décor, and speak with a professional metal cutter about having these pieces custom made if you cannot find them in a home supply store.

5 December 2016

Signs That Cooling Tower Designs Need to Be Adjusted

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Properly designed and installed cooling towers can perform seamlessly for long. Improperly designed cooling towers use a lot of energy and develop defects frequently. This article discusses some symptoms of a cooling tower whose design may need to be adjusted. Use this information to avoid wasting money on frequent repairs that could easily be resolved by altering the design of your cooling tower. Dry Air Disease Dry air disease refers to what happens when the water flowing through the cooling tower is below the minimum amount needed for the proper functioning of that cooling tower.

2 November 2016

What Type of Pool Fencing Should You Choose For Your Property?

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Having a pool on your property usually means that you're legally obligated to put a fence around it; this keeps out children and pets and helps to avoid tragic accidents when you're away. Above and beyond the legal requirements, you want to ensure you choose a pool fence that is durable yet attractive while still being safe. After you've checked your local city codes to find out minimal requirements for pool fencing, note a few additional tips to help you decide the best fence for your property.

28 September 2016

Need to Protect Your Garden? Consider These Different Types of Fencing

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If you are planting a garden in your backyard, you might have come to a point where you need to fence it off from the rest of the yard. This keeps your own pets and other critters out, and also protects it when mowing the lawn and doing other yard work. Here are some different types of garden fencing to consider. Wood Fence Many of the fences that go around a garden are similar to standard residential fences with a few differences.

25 July 2016