Five Key Variables to Consider When Selecting Mailing Tubes

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Many industries consider mailing tubes to be a highly effective way of shipping products or items that can be rolled into a cylindrical shape. These tubes are ideal for lightweight use but can also be made from sturdier materials that won't crush under heavy loads. Mailing tubes come in a variety of options to suit the needs of different users. To choose the right tube for your needs, keep the following points in mind:

1. Tube Material

Mailing tubes are typically made from paper or cardboard but newer material options such as plastic are also available. The right mailing tube material for you will depend on your intended application. If you plan to protect the content of your mailing tubes from rain or use the tubes several times without problems, plastic tubes may be a better alternative to traditional cardboard or paper options.

2. Tube Size

Mailing tubes are available in a variety of diameters and lengths to comfortably fit different products. The right tube for your shipping application should be large enough to accommodate your items without problems.

3. Tube Thickness

Mailing tubes can come in varying thicknesses to provide different levels of protection for your items. Lightweight designs are a standard choice for items that aren't susceptible to damage. Items that require a higher level of protection should be kept in thicker tubes to help decrease the risk of bending and damage while in transit. 

4. Tube Colour

Traditional mailing tubes are brown or white in colour but that doesn't mean there's a shortage of colours available for you to choose from. You can use tubes of different colours depending on the message you'd like to convey to the recipients of your shipment. For example, red tubes can be a great choice for sending easy-to-break items.

5. Additional Tube Features

Mailing tubes can be designed to offer extra features to suit the user's specific situation and needs. For example, tubes with padding provide increased protection for the items kept inside. Such tubes are suitable for shipping extremely delicate items.

Where there is a need to protect shipped items from water damage, tubes equipped with an inner waterproofing liner can really come in handy. Generally, additional tube features are meant to increase usability and improve protection.

No matter what you want to ship inside a mailing tube, there is a suitable product for you. Consult a mailing tube supplier close to you to get professional help when it comes to choosing the right tubes for your needs.


16 September 2020

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