Water Storage Tank Installation Mistakes to Avoid

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Having a water storage tank on your property can be a great choice for those in very dry areas that are more prone to brushfires and droughts. Storing rainwater also means less usage of fresh water for chores like watering the lawn, washing vehicles, and hosing down a barn or chicken coop! It's often recommended that you have an expert install a water storage tank on your property rather than trying to tackle this job yourself, but if you do want to buy a tank and then manage its installation yourself, note a few mistakes to avoid in this process. 

Accessibility Obstruction

When planning the location of your water storage tank, consider the ease of its accessibility, so you can easily repair the tank, test the water for cleanliness, and so on. If you plan on plumbing the tank to your home, you'll need to attach a pump or valve to the tank. If the tank is placed near obstructions such as outbuildings, trees, and the like, it can become difficult to service those parts as needed, so ensure you consider the tank's accessibility when deciding on its placement.

Bad Appearance

When a homeowner decides to get a water storage tank, they may buy an inexpensive plastic tank and assume they can simply set it against the house or garage. This is certainly a workable option, but it may not be the most attractive choice! 

A large plastic water tank can be a bit unsightly, and detract from the appearance of your home's outside deck, patio, pool, or other such area. To avoid this, consider the appearance of the tank and choose a spot for it so that it's out of sight, or have a small "blind" of some sort built to camouflage the tank and keep it hidden from view.

Wrong Type of Tank Maintenance

There is no "wrong" type of water storage tank, but homeowners should consider how the various materials used to make water storage tanks affect the water being stored, and the overall strength of that tank. Plastic tanks are very durable, but may not be strong enough for being buried or stored underground. Steel tanks may be stronger, but may need a liner to keep that steel from rusting and leaking. This liner may need consistent checking for rips and tears. Whatever your choice of water storage tank, be sure you know the best spot for its placement and needed maintenance, so the tank lasts through the years and the stored water is always as fresh as possible.

To avoid these and other mistakes, contact local water tank installation services.


29 June 2018

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