Car lifts/elevators- a practical solution


Car elevators are used widely in home garages, auditoriums and the like. These are practical devices that are powered by a hydraulic system that uses a water-filled container with force applied at a certain point to generate power to lift the vehicle off the ground. Car lifts or elevators are largely electrically powered and can be used by anyone because they function via an uncomplicated system.   There are many reasons why car elevators have a large market.

17 December 2018

2 safety tips for manufacturers of plastic packaging


The process of creating plastic packaging can be quite hazardous. If you're a plastic packaging manufacturer, here are two safety tips you should keep in mind to ensure that your employees' health is not negatively affected by working in your facility. 1. Keep your ventilation system in good working order Every plastic packaging manufacturer should make a concerted effort to keep their facility's ventilation system in good working order. The reason for this is as follows; in order to create packaging with a specific shape, the plastic needs to be warmed up (as the heat softens it and makes it pliable).

4 October 2018

4 Common Scissor Lifts for Your Project


Did you know that you have several types of scissor lifts to select from if you are planning a project? Read on and discover what you need to know about the commonly available types of scissor lifts. Hydraulic Scissor Lifts Hydraulic scissor lifts rely on a pressurised fluid to raise or lower them to the desired height. They can reach vertical heights that are only exceeded by the heights reached by diesel-powered scissor lifts.

15 May 2017

Issues to Consider When Choosing Where to Place a Cool Room in Your Warehouse


If you're planning to add a cool room to your distribution warehouse, there are a number of issues you may want to consider before you choose the final position of the room. While honing in on the right spot, you may want to consider the following issues. Proximity to the Delivery Door When you have items delivered to your warehouse that need to go in the cool room, you don't want those items to sit there for hours.

30 March 2017