Car lifts/elevators- a practical solution


Car elevators are used widely in home garages, auditoriums and the like. These are practical devices that are powered by a hydraulic system that uses a water-filled container with force applied at a certain point to generate power to lift the vehicle off the ground. Car lifts or elevators are largely electrically powered and can be used by anyone because they function via an uncomplicated system.  

There are many reasons why car elevators have a large market. Car elevators help utilise unused rooftop space as parking for cars. With parking becoming a greater issue as Australia's population grows every day, there is now an increased need for devices that create room for more car parking space.   

Who can use car elevators?

All kinds of buildings can use car elevators to their advantage. For example, building car parks have long ramps which take up a lot of room, room that could be used to park more cars. The need for ramps can be eliminated with the practical use of car elevators, which can easily lift all kinds of cars between levels.  

Additionally, homeowners with garages with limited car space will find car elevators of great benefit. Car elevators can double the space of a garage by making it so that cars can be housed on top of each other using elevators. Car elevators can also move cars between double-story garages with ease.  

Car dealerships are also increasingly investing in car elevators as a means for displaying cars to their potential customers and creating more car space in their showrooms. Cars can be displayed at an elevated level where they are visible even from afar. These cars can catch the eye of potential customers and mean increased sales for the business.  Private properties with smaller garages may also install car elevators as a way of adding value to their property. Car elevators are an attractive feature that many will gravitate towards, especially if car storage is important to them. 

Custom-built car elevators

With technological advances, car elevators are now designed according to the needs of the client. Companies work with the client to meet all kinds of specifications that are required for the car elevators to function as they should for the area they are being designed for. These may include car elevators powered by electric or hydraulic systems. Although hydraulic-powered car lifts are more popular, these are also more expensive. This is why some clients prefer electric car elevators. Additionally, car elevators can include rooftops to protect the car from being damaged when it is transferred between floors to the outside world. 

Additional modifications include larger or smaller platforms as well as custom finishes. 


17 December 2018

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