Four Engine Components That Require Laser Cutting

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Many of the parts that are required in the operation of an engine are manufactured with laser cutting. This includes components such as the cylinder head, valve train and engine mounts. Laser cutting is a process that utilises a high-powered laser beam to cut through metal or other materials without damaging the material's surface. The process requires no abrasives like other machining processes such as milling and grinding do.

The following are four engine components that require laser cutting.

1) Engine Mounts

The engine mounts are a component that requires laser cutting because they are used to help secure the engine in place. The mounts also allow for engine movement in order to accommodate various angles at which it can be installed in the vehicle. The mounts are made out of steel and they have several holes cut out of them so that the bolts can be inserted into them. The bolts then connect the engine to its frame and transmission.

2) Cylinder Head 

The cylinder head is one of the most important components in an internal combustion engine. It provides a location for valves and spark plugs, as well as covers the top of each cylinder bore. Laser cutting is a perfect way to form the intricate shapes of the cylinder head. It also allows for the creation of smooth surfaces and precise dimensions.

3) Engine Valve Trains

This component includes valves that open and close at certain points during an engine's operation cycle so that fuel can enter or exit an intake or exhaust port depending on whether the valve is open or closed. Valve trains also include lifters, pushrods, and rocker arms that allow the valves to move up and down. Because laser cutting allows for precision cuts, it can be used to create these components so that they all fit together perfectly without any gaps or spaces between them.

4) Transmission Cases

Transmission cases are another component that can benefit from laser cutting technology. Transmission cases are one of the most complex parts in an engine and often need to be custom-made for each application. These cases protect the transmission gears from damage during use and help keep them in place during transportation. They can also be used as a heat sink in some instances. In order to manufacture these components, you need specialised equipment that can cut through thick steel plates quickly and accurately, something that's hard to achieve with traditional machining processes.

To find out more about the laser cutting process and how it can be used to manufacture engine parts, contact a manufacturing specialist today.


28 February 2023

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