How to Select Wall Frames for Your Specific Wall Colour

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Exceptional paintwork and artwork can help enhance your indoor space and make your home more welcoming. Choosing wall frames for your respective wall colour is imperative. Your artwork will also achieve a polished look with a superior frame selection. If you want to realise more satisfying outcomes, here's how to select wall frames for your wall colour.

Assess Your Undertones 

Generally, paint colours are often a mixture of two or more colours. That means every shade features a mass tone (the paint's registered colour, e.g., blue or beige) and an undertone. Typically, the undertone defines a cohesive interior, and distinguishing it can assist you in selecting appropriate wall frames that compliment your colour palette. You can identify undertones by comparing the paint colour to its nearest relative. 

For instance, if your walls feature cream as the primary colour, use a paint wheel to compare it to blue-, red- or yellow-based creams. The closest match will determine your undertones. After identifying your undertones, proceed to select the ideal frame. Often cool undertones match well with silver frames, while warm undertones match even better with gold frames. If your interior space has a warm undertone, consider gold wall frames. 

Black and White are the New Neutrals 

The simple black and white wall frames are timeless and versatile, working with almost any interior design style, wall and art colour. However, this might depend on your preferences. 

For instance, pairing an elegant white frame and mat with a bright white wall might be stunning. This approach makes your art the ultimate focus in your interiors, with the wall frames adding more dimensional sophistication and texture. The same applies to dark walls and dark frames. 

Match Your Whites 

Pairing a white wall with a white frame doesn't seem practical because of misaligned undertones. When working with cream or off-white walls, however, opting for bright white frames might make them appear too striking against the walls. 

Additionally, ensure the colour of your mat works seamlessly with your frames and walls. For instance, if you opt for bright white frames when complimenting white walls, consider white-coloured floor mats.

Avoid Overly Focussing on Walls Alone

Finally, while there's no question regarding the importance of wall colour, never underrate how colour tones of other design elements can affect the overall interior palette. 

Therefore, consider other critical elements like base mouldings, backsplashes, crowns, wooden floor and cabinet tones, countertop colours, etc. All of these might draw out your wall colour undertones, especially those that aren't immediately apparent.  


25 July 2022

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