Purchasing Industrial Steam Boilers: 3 Vital Considerations to Get It Right

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With industrial emission laws constantly changing, it's imperative to remain proactive when choosing your high-pressure industrial steam boiler that can meet future air regulations. That means purchasing the ideal steam boiler for your industrial needs must be taken seriously. Don't make the mistake of purchasing the incorrect steam boiler and risk spending more money on costly replacements or repairs. Here are some critical considerations when buying industrial boiler equipment.

Keep in Mind the Boiler's Design

When purchasing your steam boiler, you first want to consider its working mechanism and design. The two popular types of steam boilers you can find on the market are fire-tube and water-tube. Fire-tube models are the most common and function when hot gases from a heat generator pass through hot water shells via tubes to convert the water into steam. These boiler types have lower installation costs and are simpler to operate.

On the other hand, water-tube steam boilers use tubes passing through hot flue gas shells to pass water and heat it into steam. If you are looking for steam boilers highly efficient in converting water into steam in the shortest time while consuming less fuel, opt for water-tube boilers. They are ideal for high-capacity applications that require more pressure.

Remember the Space Considerations

Another top consideration when selecting steam boilers is their size. It would help if you chose units that comfortably fit into your current boiler room. A small-sized but efficient steam boiler has a smaller footprint, which helps you save more space and money.

Typically, the smaller the steam boiler, the higher the flexibility concerning space since you don't require tube pull spaces like conventional steam boilers. Thus, you will have more extra space in your boiler room to add additional modular boilers to enhance system efficiencies and reduce operational costs further.

Prioritise Safety

You should always prioritise safety when purchasing your steam boilers. A common concern for traditional steam boilers is overheating, which can potentially cause pressure build-up and severe explosions. However, you can prevent this risk by investing in modern steam boilers that operate under low water content. With such boilers installed, the quantity of steam generated is minimal and can't cause potential system damage or injuries.

Additionally, the traditional steam boilers' design itself poses significant risks. When conducting regular maintenance on these units, you must open heavy steel doors, realign and shut them after finishing, all that with the help of a ladder. Consequently, this sets you up for potential injuries. You should, therefore, invest in steam boilers designed with the operator's safety in mind.


14 January 2022

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