Top Types of Maintenance That Your Stone Crusher Needs

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If you are involved in the gravel industry, then you might crush stone to create your own gravel. After all, you probably know that using a crusher is a good way to deal with big rocks, and it's a great way to create gravel that your customers want for their projects. Since your crusher is useful for your company's day-to-day operations, you want to take good care of it. After all, you probably know that maintenance is key if you want your crusher to continue to operate like it's supposed to and if you want it to last a long time. These are some of the top types of stone crusher maintenance; be aware, though, that some crushers do require more maintenance than others. Hiring someone who does crusher maintenance for a living is a good way to make sure that all of these things are done and that your crusher gets any other maintenance that it might need.

Check the Oil

The first type of maintenance that your crusher needs is regular oil checks. If your stone crusher does not have enough oil, then it cannot operate like it's supposed to, and some of its parts can break down. Make sure that you check the oil before each shift, and add more oil when needed.

Change the Oil

Even if you have done a good job of checking the oil on your crusher and adding clean oil, you should know that the oil does need to be drained out and replaced at least once per year. This might need to be done more often if your stone crusher gets used a lot or if you haven't been using good-quality oil.

Add Lubricant

Your stone crusher has a lot of moving parts, and if you want those moving parts to operate like they're supposed to without becoming worn out because of friction or other issues, then you should make sure that lubricant is added to the moving parts regularly. A professional can even help with taking apart some of the parts on your crusher so they can add lubricant.

Inspect Everything

Both to ensure that your stone crusher works like it's supposed to, and to ensure that your crusher is safe to use, it should be carefully inspected. Luckily, a professional who does maintenance and repairs can inspect all of the different components of your stone crusher. Then, if parts need to be replaced, they can let you know and can replace the faulty part for you.


26 October 2021

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