Five Soccer Net Substitutions for Fun Games and Practising at Home

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Playing soccer is a lot of fun, but to keep score, you need a net. Buying a soccer net is the best option, and you can buy everything from large permanent nets to temporary mobile nets to small nets for little kids. However, if that's not in the budget, there are a few alternatives, you can track.

Whether you're practising at home or playing a game of footy at the park, consider these soccer net substitutions.

1. Cones

A pair of cones can provide the basic outline of a soccer net. In a professional football game, the goal posts are 7.320 meters apart. If you carry four cones and a tape measure with you — which are small and lightweight enough to fit in most backpacks — you can set up makeshift football goals anywhere you go.

2. PVC Soccer Nets

If you're up for a bit of construction, consider making nets out of PVC pipe. Connect straight pieces and elbow bits to make the frame of the goal. The width should be 7.320 meters and the height 2.44 meters. Then, attach some netting of fabric to the back of the frame. To prevent the soccer nets from moving, you may want to attach them to the ground with pegs and ropes.

3. Tape on a Building

To practise free kicks at home, consider measuring out the width and height of a soccer goal and taping that rectangle to the side of your house or garage. To safeguard your windows, you may want to restrict this activity to an area with no windows on that side of your home.

4. Repurposed Badminton Nets

Old badminton or beach volleyball nets are portable so you can easily bring them to the park for a game of footy, and they can work brilliantly as a makeshift soccer net. These nets are not as high as a standard football net, but they work for a fun game or for children, and unlike cones, they stop the ball from rolling off into the distance so you can focus on playing.

Pop the sticks in the ground and install the net so that it's touching the ground rather than up in the air. Because you may need to do some maneuvering or taping to get everything in order, this is best to do with nets that you want to repurpose, rather than nets you wish to continue using for badminton.

5. Old Tyre

To improve your precision, consider employing an old tyre. Hang it from a tree or pop it on a wagon. Grab your ball and see if you can bend it like Beckham.


29 March 2017

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