Key Maintenance Tips for PVC Doors

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As PVC doors are generally low-maintenance doors, there's a big misconception that they do not require any maintenance attention at all. With a little tender loving and care, you can get the best service from your PVC doors. Here is a look at some simple but effective things you can do to keep your PVC doors looking good and in good working shape for their entire lifespan.

Proper operation 

Like any other doors, PVC doors need to be properly operated at all times in order to extend their lifespan. Door locks should not be forced open. If you are having trouble unlocking your door, chances are high that there is a physical obstruction somewhere that is stopping the door lock in its trail. You will need to check for any physical objects causing obstruction to the lock. If there are any obstructions, they will need to be removed before trying to operate the door again.

Also, always make sure doors are completely closed before operating handles in order to avoid damaging the lock mechanism.

Proper lubrication

PVC doors are composed of several movable metal components that require proper lubrication in order to keep working properly. Without proper lubrication, these metal parts will squeak when the door is being operated, and they will wear down much faster because of constantly rubbing against each other. This can lead to costly repairs and replacement of parts. 

The best way to keep your PVC doors operating smoothly and quietly is to oil the hinges and other metal parts with lubricants recommended by the door manufacturer. There's no need for over-lubrication, as it simply wastes lubricant that would have been used next time. Also, wipe off any dripped lubricant to avoid leaving messes behind.

Proper cleaning 

Cleaning for PVC doors is mainly a cosmetic issue. This is because PVC is generally not affected by water damage – that explains why they are often regarded as a perfect alternative to wooden doors. PVC is an impermeable material that won't absorb moisture or let water seep in. When exposed to moisture-based environments, it simply lets the condensation accumulate on its surface and drip off. 

To rid of any dirt buildup, PVC doors can be cleaned with a soft cotton cloth or squeegee and soapy water. The cleaning solution should not be abrasive because this will degrade the surface of the PVC. If you are dealing with stubborn dirt, a mild household cleaner should be able to wash it off. For more information, contact a company like M.T.I.-Qualos Pty Ltd.


27 March 2017

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