Need to Protect Your Garden? Consider These Different Types of Fencing

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If you are planting a garden in your backyard, you might have come to a point where you need to fence it off from the rest of the yard. This keeps your own pets and other critters out, and also protects it when mowing the lawn and doing other yard work. Here are some different types of garden fencing to consider.

Wood Fence

Many of the fences that go around a garden are similar to standard residential fences with a few differences. First of all, regardless of the material you choose, you want the spaces between the fencing materials to be close enough to where an animal couldn't get through. That means if you get a wood picket fence, which looks charming in a little garden, don't leave the wood planks as spaced out as if you had this fence in front of your yard. You need the fence to have no gaps or very small ones to protect your garden properly. Since you will be in an out of the garden often, make sure the wood fence has a gate that is easy to open and close as well.

Wire Fence

This is one of the best fences to use in your garden since it is effective at keeping out animals, is easy to put up, and is budget-friendly. With a wire fence, you don't have to worry about sealing it or the various pests it attracts like you do with a wood fence. There are different types of fences that are made from wire, from steel barbed wire fences meant to keep out all types of creatures, to more simplified and shorter wire fences. Think about how high the animals in your area can jump or climb when deciding on the right height for the fence.

Vinyl Fence

If you want a fence similar to a wood fence, but spend less money, you also have the option of a vinyl fence. They look just like wood picket fences, but you don't need to worry about potential rotting, water damage, or insect infestation, such as with termites or carpenter ants. Like the wire fence, just make sure you choose a fence that is high enough so that bigger animals can't just climb over the top to get to your garden! However, in a garden where you use the hose and watering cans often, vinyl is a good alternative to avoid possible water damage to the fence materials.


25 July 2016

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