Shopping for a Pallet Wrapping Machine When You Have Limited Space: Points to Consider

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If you have limited space in your facility, you need to choose your pallet wrapping machine carefully. There are several factors to consider when trying to optimise space. Here are some points to consider:

1. Automatic versus Semi-Automatic Wrapping Machines

One of the first decisions you need to make when choosing a pallet wrapping machine is whether you want an automatic or a semi-automatic machine. An automatic machine does not need a human operator, save for occasionally loading the wrap. This means that you can push these machines into corners and not worry about creating access for operators around them. In addition, a fully automatic machine may allow you to pare down your workforce, and it can save room by simply having fewer people around.

In contrast, a semi-automatic machine requires an operator, and they need space to maneuver around the machine. In addition, you have to load semi-automatic pallet wrapping machines with fork lifts so you need to have ample space for the forklift to place the load onto the machine. In contrast, you typically use conveyor belts to load automatic machines, and you need to make considerations for the amount of space this takes up as well.

2. The Benefits of Pre-Stretching Wrap

Regardless of whether you decide an automatic or semi-automatic pallet wrapping machine is better for your facility, you should consider a machine that pre-stretches the wrap. Many pallet wrapping machines run the wrap through a set of rollers that stretches it. This ensures a more snug fit for the load, and it also helps the wrap to last longer.

As a result, you don't have to devote as much space to storing wrap. Seemingly small features like pre-stretching capabilities can affect how much space you use in your facility. Talk with a pallet wrapping machine expert to learn about other features that can indirectly help you save space.

3. Alternatives to Turntables

Many pallet wrapping machines feature a turntable to hold the pallet being wrapped. Unfortunately, this can take up a lot of space, but luckily, there are alternatives. For example, you can use overhead rotary arm stretch wrappers that will wrap a load as it sits on the floor. These pallet wrapping machines use their adjustable arms to move the wrap around the load, and they can be mounted on walls or stood on your floor, whichever works best in relation to your space.

For more information about your options and space considerations, contact a company like W.A. Bag Closing Equipment.



18 May 2016

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